Find a Coach/Pro is a valuable resource intended only for finding PPR certified professionals and coaches in your area. 

Only those who have completed Certification are listed here. The Coach Certification have passed the 3-part test at the Coach Level and are a minimum of 3.5 playing level. The Professional Certification have passed at the Professional level and have a minimum of 1 year of PB teaching experience and a playing level of 4.0 and higher.

PPR strictly prohibits the use of the contact information herein for marketing purposes without express written consent from PPR International Headquarters. PPR is a federally registered trademark, and by LAW, does not allow misuse and or misrepresentation. The list has been seeded and violators will be prosecuted.

Searches can be done using one or multiple search criteria.  Please note that the less criteria you use to filter the more results you will receive. 
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