About PPR

Professional Pickleball Registry was established in 2018, to educate, certify and serve those professionals teaching the immensely popular sport of Pickleball. (more than 3 million players as of 2018.) 

PPR is the official education and certification partner of USA Pickleball.  PPR combined the educational resources of PTR and the expertise of 5-time National Champion, Sarah Ansboury to develop courses and workshop materials in order to certify PPR members to teach and coach Pickleball.

PPR is also the official education and certification partner of PickleballTournaments.com – the leading tournament management software. The educational resources of PPR and the expertise of managing tournaments through PickleballTournaments.com combined to create the first online course to certify Registration and Desk Operations Managers.

PPR provides members with access to liability insurance coverage, equipment discounts, digital training & education and programming ideas.

PPR membership is open to everyone with both Certified and Affiliate Memberships. All members must abide by our PPR Code of Ethics.

Membership - PPR offers two Membership Categories

Certified Coaching Memberships are for those who want to teach or coach Pickleball and are 3.5 level or above in skill level. Certified Coaching members in the USA must be a member of the USA Pickleball

Affiliate Memberships are for those not wanting to coach, but want to learn more about introducing the sport or running tournaments through PickleballTournaments.com . Affiliate members in the USA who take the How to Introduce Pickleball workshop must be a member of the USA Pickleball


Workshops  - PPR offers three types of workshops - Workshop Schedule

Certification Workshop: Coaches attending the 1-day Certification Workshop and who demonstrate and acceptable level of competence in three (3) key areas, must be USA Pickleball member, and will achieve a PPR Certification at once of the following levels upon passing

Pro Certification:         minimum of a 4.0 skill level in playing and demonstrating, exceptional teaching ability, score at least 90% on the written exam - certified to coach both beginners and improvers
Coach Certification:    minimum 3.5 skill level in playing and demonstrating, able to teach and instruct, score at least 75% on the written exam - certified to coach beginners

Introducing Pickleball Workshop: a 3 hour workshop specifically designed for people who introduce pickleball to new players, especially those with little to no prior sports background. This course will teach participants to easily show new players the non-volley zone, transition shots, serve, return and scoring – the basics of pickleball. The course is ideal for USA Pickleball Ambassadors and those who facilitate open play or leagues at various facilities. People who take the course must be at least a PPR Affiliate member and USA Pickleball member.

Registration and Desk Operations Manager Course: an online course that covers every aspect of organizing and running tournaments powered by PickleballTournaments.com, including complete setup, player registration, bracketing, scheduling, and tournament desk operations. View more details or to register, visit workshops.

Register for a workshop once you have a PPR membership or at the same time as joining PPR.

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