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Here we are, the second edition of our PPR newsletter and I think we need a catchy name! Sounds like a challenge, so check out our contest section.


Our focus this month is on you, the coach. I hope the articles give you practical tools and reinforce why we love what we do!


Don’t forget, I want your feedback! This is a new endeavor and I value your ideas! What kind of articles or videos would you like to see?


If you’ve already taken your PPR Certification workshop, you know just how much information PPR clinicians pack into the workshop and study guide – fundamentals of teaching beginners, the PPR teaching method, technical parameters of pickleball strokes and shots, tactical strategies for improvers, games to use during your lessons, effectively coaching adult students, and always trying to play a bit of pickleball and work on your own game. It’s like trying to drink from a fire hose.

Pickleball is unique in that we have a high percentage of adult learners. Learning new things at an older age can be challenging, not only from the skill set required for success, but also self-consciousness, perhaps a fear of looking silly in front of others. As the coach, it is our job to be aware of who is stepping on the court, to know their background, any injuries or mobility limitations they may have, and adapt our teaching style, expectations and outcomes accordingly.

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We all love crazy catchy names, and I want YOU to help name this Newsletter.


Meet PPR Clinician Jaylen Brennan

Here's how Jaylen got started with pickleball, her philosophy on teaching and her take on how PPR can help instructors become better!


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